To ensure a smooth and speedy check in the following requirements are compulsory and some may be satisfied prior to check in dates. A current C5 vaccination certificate from their Veterinarian as proof of Vaccination must be produced. (VACCINATION CERTIFICATES NEED TO BE RENEWED EVERY 12 MONTHS)

All pets must have had recent flea and worm treatment not more than 1 month prior to check in as per the Victorian Code of Practice for Boarding Kennels and Catteries. Any dogs coming into the kennel that are found to have fleas or worms will receive immediate treatment at the cost of the owner.

Each dog staying longer than overnight will receive a compulsory bath at the cost of $25 - 45 per dog.

ALL medication must be properly identified and labelled for the intended pet.

Premium food is provided by ABBA Boarding Kennels and Cattery however:

Own food is allowed but must be labelled and packed individually into daily portions or if dry food a suitable cup or scoop and specific instructions must be provided.

Pet Belonging: A favourite item is allowed however be sure it is ok if it does not get returned.