Playtime is an additional service we provide for your pet and will ensure your pets stay with us is even more enjoyable. The human love and affection they normally get at home continues whilst they stay with us.

Playtime for DOGS.

A fun filled customized one on one play session with our pet loving animal attendants, during this time we can play ball, throw a frisbee, run around off lead, or for less energetic dogs we can give them a brush, some love and cuddles. This can accommodate up to 3 dogs from the same family

PLAYTIME $9.00 per pet

Group Mega Play. For the more active and social dogs we have our mega plays which are supervised by our dedicated animal attendants, to increase the fun we have a small group of pets playing chase, chasing a ball or rolling around with a friend. This is for 2 hours in the morning, then a siesta and some quite time then another 2 hours in the afternoon.

GROUP MEGA PLAYS 22.00 per Pet 

Half Mega Play $12.00 (2 Hours Only)


Our all natural bedtime biscuits or Piggy Ear can be given any time of day, and what better way to say I miss you than to order a biscuit or Piggy Ear to be waiting on your pets bed before going off to sleep for the night.

$2.00 per bundle of 4 biscuit. $3.00 per Pigs Ear.